Let's face it.  2020 has been a hard year; for everyone.  We know it has been hard on you all.  We can hear it in your voices and we can see it in your eyes.  It has been hard on the residents.  We can see it.  We live it and feel it.  And I don't think I can express to you how hard it has been on the staff.  So when we heard about how badly hit some of our sister facilities were hit by the August 2020 Derecho our hearts went out to not only the residents but to the staff.  We know what it is to put in an emotionally trying day with COVID-19 precautions, visitation restrictions, and worries that we aren't doing all we can (when we really are).  It is important at the end of the day to be able to go home, decompress, take care of yourself, and recharge your batteries so you can take care of the most vulnerable again on your next shift.  But how can you do that if there is a tree through your living room or you've lost power for nine days?  So I hope you will join us in our backpack drive as a way to show these truly deserving caregivers that we remember them, that we are thankful for them, and that together we are #IowaStrong.