September is National Preparedness month. This is the month we all must prepare ourselves and our families for the potential disasters that could occur in Iowa. The national weather service has a saying “Disasters don't plan ahead, but you can” #PrepareNow

During this month, we want to prepare for the worst scenario. This includes learning new skills to keep your family safe, such as basic first aid or CPR classes. Learn where to shut of the gas or water to your house. Check insurance policies to assure coverage before the disaster takes place.  Ask your pharmacist about refills to your medication. Check your smoke detectors and replace batteries every 6 months, Check your flashlight batteries at the same time. Making sure your carbon monoxide detector is working. Have an emergency kit available and refreshed yearly, such as water, food and supplies for at least 3 days (See the website for details Simple things learned can help when a disaster strikes.

In the nursing home, we practice with drills regularly regarding what do during a Thunderstorm watch and warning, Tornado watch and warning and Fire. We also have continuing education with safety courses such as Food safety, lock out tag out precautions, bloodborne pathogens and exposure control, Hazard communication and active shooter guidelines. We keep prepared to keep our residents safe during times of disaster.

Some counties have a Weather Emergency Notification System (WENS) APP for your mobile phone. Follow the link below to sign up for free. All you need is your name, address, city and mobile number and select the alert you want to be notified about and sign up.

Clayton County:

Winneshiek County:

Fayette County:   

Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Lisa Gerleman RN, BSN
Interim Director of Nursing