As I put together the newsletter the weather is bright and sunny, but we all can feel the autumn weather changing and know that the cooler temperatures will be here to stay soon.  With that in mind, I wanted to be sure to remind you to schedule your outdoor, open window, or video chats with your loved ones while you are able.  I will provide the links below.  If you are able to set up your visit on your own, I would suggest doing so.  Otherwise, if you do require assistance, we can either walk you through it or schedule one for you over the phone.  These three types of visits must be scheduled in advance using our Calendly system because staff must be available, we have to keep logs of who has been here, and to allow adequate time between visits to prep for the next session.

Keeping the changing weather in mind, we are working on preparing for cold weather and will keep you updated with the changes to our visitation schedule and guidance as our supplies and procedures arrive and get set in motion.  We will update everyone here, on Facebook, and send letters to responsible parties with updates just as we have in the past.   Thank you for your continued support and flexibility.