American Cheese Month is a grassroots celebration of North America’s delicious and diverse cheeses, and the farmers, cheesemakers, retailers, cheesemongers, and chefs who bring them to your table.  During American Cheese Month the hope is:

  • To recognize and raise awareness of the quality and diversity of American cheeses.
  • To support and promote great cheese, local foods, and family farms

    Every day is a great day to celebrate cheese! Yum!  An alternative to the classic grilled cheese is “grilled cheese dippers.”  With a rolling pin, roll sliced bread (crust removed) into flat, ¼ inch thick squares.  Place sliced cheese on each slice of bread and roll up tightly.  Melt butter in a non-stick grilling pan and add rolls seam side down.  Cook over medium heat, turning often until the cheese is melty and the bread is golden. Serve as a side for tomato soup dipping.  We will have cheese trays out on the snack cart this month for all to enjoy!  What is your favorite cheese?

    These are the top picks for Americans:

  1. Cheddar
  2. Mozerella
  3. American
  4. Pepper Jack
  5. Provolone

    And here are American’s least favorite cheeses:

  1. Blue
  2. Limburger
  3. Goat
  4. American
  5. Swiss

    Seventeen percent of those asked said they would each cheese at every meal, and I might fall into that statistic!

~Sandy Weller, Food Service Supervisor