I am asking for all of YOUR help in addressing the Medicaid short fall in the State of Iowa. I recently sent an email and letter requesting support from our legislatures pertaining to the massive shortfall in our state. I am asking for all of you to do the same.
Please see the letter that I sent below and please feel free to follow the link attached with in to see just how much we need their support. 

“Dear Senator Breithbach & Representative Osmundson,
My name is Kate Landt and I am the Assistant Administrator at the Great River Care Center in McGregor Iowa.  Our organization employs 44 individuals in our community and provides long-term care services and support to 35 residents in your legislative district.
I am writing to ask for your support to address the Medicaid funding shortfall in our state. Over half our resident population utilizes Iowa Medicaid.  Over the past several years, the cost coverage gap in Medicaid funding has steadily grown. By 2019, the annual cost gap will be $16,647 per Medicaid resident. 
In our legislative district, the funding shortfall is $1,674,346.00.  This shortfall directly impacts our local community and ability to care for the growing senior Medicaid population in small town McGregor Iowa.  It particularly affects our residents who are not on Medicaid, whom we are forced to pass the shortfall on to.
I encourage you to visit the attached link to see the impact this issue is having on our rural community. https://www.iowahealthcare.org/aspx/general/dynamicpage.aspx?id=7&utm_source=LocaliQ&utm_medium=Display&utm_campaign=2019%20Leg
Please support the appropriation of Medicaid nursing home funding to ensure we can continue to provide services to Iowa’s most vulnerable residents.

Thank you for your consideration,
Kate Landt Assistant Administrator”