Finding the balance between keeping all residents as safe as possible and making our facility a home away from home can be tricky at times.  Residents are welcome to have supplies they need and special items they want in their room, but we do have to follow a few guidelines:

  • Aerosol cans are not permitted in resident rooms
  • Straight razors, finger nail polish, finger nail polish remover, and large quantities of mouthwash may not be left in resident rooms.
  • As a general rule, if the product says “Keep out of Reach of Children” it should not be left in rooms.
  • Medications, including cough drops, need to be ordered by a doctor and must be stored on the med cart.  Please do not bring them from home.
  • Food items that spoil should be labeled, dated, and kept in the kitchen refrigerator.  Unperishable food items should be stored in air-tight containers in small quantities.