Dear Residents & Staff,

As you all know, one of the many challenges we faced during COVID-19 and the countless regulatory changes was rules regarding having a beautician come into the facility. Our staff did their best from purchasing curling irons and clippers, to learning how to cut men's and women's hair on Youtube! Our nurse, Nikki, always made sure the men looked sharp, and tried to keep on top of the women's hair styles as well. But we are no beauticians by trade!


Donna Staples has been our facility beautician for several years and is loved by the community and residents. She recently retired from her community work as a beautician but kept coming to do the resident's hair here (much to the relief of all the residents)! And then 2020 happened. We are so grateful to Donna for patiently coming when we were allowed to have her and graciously understanding when we couldn't. It was during these up and down times that she decided that she was ready to hang up her beautician's apron for good. She is busy running a bed and breakfast and with her super sweet grand kids. We are thankful to Donna for the care she showed our residents during her tenure here as the facility beautician and are looking forward to seeing what she is up to during her next adventure.


We are excited to welcome Amy Knipper to team Great River as our new Beautician. She will be starting here on Wednesday, February 17th. Attached you will find a little information on Amy and her pricing information. Payment for services can be made directly to Amy and should be paid at least monthly (by the end of the month). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to her at 563/422-8848.

Thank you for your continued support, 

Kate Landt