Let’s celebrate Farmer’s Markets!  National Farmer’s Market week is a great opportunity to show our communities that we support them.  National Farmer’s Market week is observed the first week of August.  This year it falls on August 5th-11th.  It is an annual event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that celebrates the prosperity and community built around farmer’s markets, local farmers, and good food!  In the last decade they have become a favorite marketing method for many farmers throughout the United States, and a weekly ritual for shoppers. 

Shopping at them is a great way to get fresh, flavorful produce at a reasonable cost.  This past week we purchased fresh peaches and tomatoes.  We have local farmer’s markets in our area in McGregor, Marquette, and Prairie du Chien.  The Wetlands Centre in Marquette hosts a market every Friday from 4-7pm beginning May 25th through the second weekend of October.  They feature local produce, baked goods, honey, granola, syrups, walnuts, plants, herbs, and more.  McGregor’s is also held on Fridays at Triangle Park.  Prairie du Chien’s farmer’s market is at 700 East Blackhawk Avenue and they are there every Saturday morning.  And we also have a local Amish stand in Prairie du Chien on Highway 18.  We will be shopping at these stands, so our residents and tenants can enjoy fresh, local produce. 

We are looking forward to our annual picnic this month on Tuesday, August 21st at 6pm here at the facility.  As usual we will be providing the main dish and a couple sides.  If you plan to attend, please consider bringing a favorite dish to pass, but keep in mind that we do not have the means to keep foods cold if left out for long.  Please plan on bringing food items in containers that can keep them at the right temperature. 

Have a great summer!

~Sandy Weller, FSS